Favorite Books



One of the best books I have read. It encapsulates
all the basic principles (mostly related to OOP,
but not only) and techniques a programmer
should be aware of.

Some very important lessons of professional ethics that
may keep you from ruining your relationship with other
developers, your project, your professional career or the
whole company you work for.

Old times classic! How and why we ended up to
modern software development processes and
practices that most of us use, or should use.

To be honest, this book is not easy to follow. You must
have enough coding experience to follow the concepts
presented in this book. However, you will find it very
useful, not only because it explains some widespread
patterns (like the ones used to build an O.R.M) but
also because it explains some advanced programming
concepts (like offline concurrency patterns).

Quite old as a book but don’t forget that SQL is the
same old. It provides a smooth and complete basis of
the language and allows you to take your first steps on
how to build efficient SQL queries.

A complete guide to all aspects of performance related
to MySQL. From the efficiency of an SQL query to
efficient MySQL clusters.

A re-evaluation of the idea of agile software
development and especially of all these techniques,
practices and tools that emerged from the
agile movement.

It touches all these aspects of a professional working
environment that may affect the productivity and the
mood of the people working there, especially programmers.

Knowing how computer networks work is a must
for any web developer. Tanenbaum’s book is one
of best in the area. This image is from 3rd edition
that I read many years ago. I suppose that the
current one should be the same good.

The book the taught me, years ago, how to develop
medium-size web applications as a freelancer.  A
gentle introduction to how a real-life software
development process can look like (since real life
cannot fit in a box). Don’t let the “UML” word scare
you! The book is really easy to follow.